The International Fictional Conference on Design Fiction’s Futures (FCDFF) is a fictional conference that aims to build links and discussion among practitioners and academics interested in Design Fiction. In the past few years we have seen fiction embraced productively as a tool for exploring how design choices around computing systems and other connected devices can potentially affect individual users and society. We have seen influential papers about fiction, papers comprised of fiction, and papers detailing research that is itself fictional in traditional (i.e. real) conferences. Indeed, in 2016 an unprecedented number of papers featuring design fiction are included in CHI’s proceedings, and both ACM GROUP and NordiCHI have explicitly solicited papers that describe fictions.

To build on and support this movement we organised the first fictional conference for Design Fiction research, held in Tlön, Uqbar.

Message from the Chairs

We are happy to announce that the FCDFF call for papers attracted over 50 submissions of fictional work from real and fictional authors from around the world. The submissions have been collected in the conference Programme, which is now available online.

We are thrilled with the response the conference received, and hope you will also pretend to publish work at our next event!
Ben, Joe & the FCDFF Committee



Note the call for papers deadline has now passed

We are inviting real submissions that describe fictional papers and workshops. Practically speaking, we would like you to submit a title of a fictional paper or workshop, along with a list of authors (authors may be real or fictional), and a set of up to 4 keywords.

We are primarily interested in fictional papers and workshops that reflect on the future of Design Fiction research. From a future perspective, what will the impact of the current increase of interest in fictional research be in the long term? How will it change the research landscape, if at all? Paper concepts could include (but are not limited to) ideas on:

  • Arguments on how to evaluate the quality of Design Fiction
  • Reports of Lost Futures and Counterfactual Histories
  • Analyses of the relative importance of data and narrative
  • Analyses of how fiction is used instrumentally in scientific papers
  • Accounts of interaction with fictional systems (fictional user research)

Examples of paper titles could be:

  • “Implications for Design Fiction: Reflecting on fiction-gate”
  • “Where the Fiction Is: is Bruce Sterling HCI’s new Heidegger?”
  • “Is empirical research necessary as long as the story is compelling? And how do we know how compelling a story is?”

The papers and research should be fictional, however we may contact successful authors for additional commentary after the notification period.


Please submit paper/workshop titles, with authors and keywords, in plain text, via email to papers@fictionalconference.com before 23:59 (UTC) 8th April 2016. (See key deadlines to the right)

All submissions will go through a rigorous fictional review process.
As the proceedings are fictional they will not be archived, however we intend to publish the conference programme as part of the “Future Scenarios” track at NordiCHI 2016.